5 Things That Make Me Happy


Top from Thailand, skirt from I Love Chic Boutique, shoes from Shoebox, bag from Michael Kors, necklace from DCG Fashion


Mesh skirt from I Love Chic Boutique (@ilove_chicboutique on Instagram)


1. Halo halo

I’ve been craving for good halo halo and I love my random trips to Mang Inasal at ungodly hour to satisfy my cravings. Hahaha. Thank God for nocturnal friends who are willing to pig out with me! :)

2. Traveling

I am booked to 3 more travel destinations in less than 4 months and I couldn’t be more excited. My friend and I also have this ice cream bank (my version of piggy bank… hahaha) so we could save up for our travels! :)

 DSC_2956-1   DSC_2950-1


Necklace from DCG Fashion (@dcgfashion on Instagram)


3. Work

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m very much happy with my work! I’m also very productive every single day and I’ve never been happy with stress. It’s worth it. :P Lol.

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4. Pigging Out

I’ve also been trying the most affordable restaurants around town lately. My family and I are used to having dinner outs every weekend and now that I’m working (so I have to pay for my own meals when I’m not home), I sometimes prefer just eating out in not so expensive places. So I’m on the search for affordable and reasonable restos! :) Any resto that you recommend? Comment below!

DSC_2934 DSC_2931

5. My Hair is Getting Longer!

Hahaha. Is this too shallow? But really. My hair means everything to me, and when it got extremely damaged from a salon-I-shall-not-name because of their digital perm service, I just had to cut 8-10 inches off my hair to just get rid of the damage. I still have it in the ends but at least it’s not as damaged as before. I just cut and treat them with hot oil and brazilian blowout every now and then. I haven’t colored it since then and I don’t think I would in the next few months yet. Plus, I missed my naturally light brown hair! 

I Believe in Pink


Top and skirt from Thailand, necklace from DCG Fashion, and flats from Shoebox.


Whenever I have to pick a color for something, I always get it in pink. My power bank is pink, my phone case, bed sheet and pillow cases, even my prom dress was pink, my Ice Breakers Sours candy pack, my makeup kit, and even my post-its were in pink. I breathe and eat pink.

But then, I rarely wear the color pink. I wear neutrals most of the time, but pink is still my favorite color. Most girls look up to Barbie, not gonna lie though, because at one point in my life, I did too! But as I grew older, I get to love Audrey Hepburn’s style, and since that day on, I would always ask myself if she would buy and wear something I like. She has always been so classy and sophisticated, and it’s something I’ve always loved in her. Thank you, Audrey Hepburn, for being such an inspiration! 




I don’t wear much accessories and heels. I’ve always believed in simplicity. “Less is more” is my fashion mantra. So, I only wore this lovely necklace from DCG Fashion, to make my look extra elegant. :)



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