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Polished in Red

Apologies for the late outfit post, it’s been ages, I know! Electricity was out for almost a week or so because of Typhoon Glenda that hit the Philippines. I couldn’t almost work since my work is very much dependent on the Internet, so I had to go to places to have my gadgets charged. :( This just reminded me to buy multiple power banks incase another typhoon shuts down all electric wires again. :( Anyhow, I hope everyone made it safe and dry through the typhoon! :)


Dress from Reeco, shoes and bag from SM Department Store, and belt from Bangkok

Anyhoo, I received this gorgeous shift dress in the mail a few weeks back from Reeco! I’ve always loved the color red (it was even the color of my gown during my debut). Aside from the fact that it makes any skin color stand out, I love how red looks classy without exerting effort. I could actually wear this without accessories and makeup and still look polished.  



So for this look, I tied my hair up, put on minimal accessories- necklace, pearl earrings (you can never go wrong with this— it’s a must have for every girl!), and belt with pearls. I also added my gold purse and glittered shoes for that instant glam effect. :) 

What I like about shift dresses is that you can always wear them with belt to make the skirt puffier that instantly gives you the curves that you’ve always wanted. It adds “contour” to your body, and it’s also an easy fix for dresses that are too loose on you. :)




You can also wear them to different occasions! To a dinner date, or a casual Sunday night out with family or friends, or to a wedding or any formal event. It all depends on how you’ll style it with. :)

Let me know how you’d style this dress! Any ideas? :)



Cheers to Change


Top and necklace from Bangkok, skirt from Chicwish, bag from Guess and shoes from CMG.

There’s something about big and puffy skirts and tops that make me spazz when I see one. If I’m not wearing a big puffy skirt, then I’d go for a top! It was love at first sight when my eyes landed on this cute white top. The flower detail made it look cuter too. Did I say how much I loved Bangkok and their taste in fashion? My goodness. I could live there!

DSC_2438 DSC_2435 DSC_2449

Anyway, I’m loving how my sense in fashion has evolved into a mature version of cute. Haha. I don’t know how you call it, but I like the change. Hope you noticed it, too! :P I can’t wait to show you more of my “mature yet cute” looks in the next few posts. Thanks to my sponsors! <3


Hit or Miss?

Last December, I applied for an internship in Savannah, Georgia. It was an internship for the first six months in SAV and Snowmass, Colorado for the second half of the year. After I got back from my internship in Florida, I knew that I wanted to go back and there was nothing I wanted more. I asked for signs, prayed and wished that He would lead me to the right place, and if I got qualified, I knew I was destined to go back.

And I did. I got in.

So if you may ask me, why am I still here? Yes, I got the sign. I got what I initially wanted, but I turned it down. Why? It was because I knew God knows that I wanted it so bad for only one reason. Since I asked for it, even if it wasn’t meant to be, He gave it to me so I’d feel satisfied.

Have you ever thought why God gives you something that isn’t meant to last? Trust me when I say I learned it the hard way: He would give it to you because He knows how much you wanted it, more so if you earned it yourself. He would give it to you because He knows it would make you feel satisfied, even for just a bit. Even if He knows it would hurt much more when He tries to take it away again from you because He has better plans. He gives you something that isn’t meant to be with an expiration date, because He knows that you’d take it even if it comes with a bittersweet ending. You’d take it because you know it’s worth the pain that comes with it. But He gives it to you because He knows you’d come out strong after it, and He knows it would teach you something. He loves you so much to leave you that way, but you’d rise from it, eventually. He gives you all these just so you could appreciate what’s truly for you; and what’s meant to be yours.

It was hard to type “Sorry, sir. But my parents did not allow me to push through with this internship anymore.” through text, and we all know it’s a lie. What more if it was a call— I’d probably stutter the whole time and maybe hit redial to change my decision after five minutes or less. I thought about it for days. I prayed, hoped that it would be the right decision, that even if God let me and gave me this internship (that out of 25-30 applicants, it was just 4 of us who were qualified— yes, thanks, I heard an applause. Kidding) because He knew how it would make me happy. In the long run, where would I pick myself up again when I get back from it? An internship isn’t a guarantee that the host company would absorb you in their team. They needed an intern because they only need a helping hand in the peak season. They wouldn’t make me a regular because they would pay me so much more, sponsor me and fix my papers, etc. Why get me when they could get a local with less hassle? After all, I wasn’t after working for someone. I don’t see myself working for a hotel or resort. I see myself working and building my own dreams. I see myself as the owner and the boss, not someone else’s servant, and not building someone else’s dreams. I was just after one thing— and it was something that’s priceless, and I’ve never wanted something this bad, and that was the only reason why I wanted to go back.

I was longing for the times I could go out, munch on pizza any time I want, eat Ben and Jerry’s at 3 in the morning, drive miles because I wanted good company, buy drinks at Walmart just because the longest work hours happened to be during 4th of July, watch Netflix and sleep at 5 in the morning. I wanted so bad to escape my comfort zone, because let’s face it, nothing ever grows there. I must go out to see where I belong, where I needed to be.

So after thousands of prayers bombarded in heaven, my mom suddenly entered my room, waking me up and saying she booked me a flight to the US which was 3 weeks before my departure date. She knew I turned down an offer, and even if I got a “Do you want an internship in another hotel in SAV, and you’ll be staying there for a year?” text from this agency that I turned down for the second time, she knew I question myself if I made the right decision and the flight back to the US was answer to the questions in my head. 

I flew alone. I flew where I only knew about 3-4 people in this state. Everything feels the same. I got to find myself, I got to answer a few questions. One of them was just simply unrequited love- and it was good to suffice the other 439483375 questions I had in me.

Going back after my 3-week stay, I couldn’t help but still pray and say thank you. That even if it ended bittersweet, I got to say, “Hey, I gave you my all. I turned down 2 job opportunities, spent money and time to see you because I know you wouldn’t care even if I could have been a 7-hr drive away. I wanted you to feel that you were worth it. That you were worth the pain even if I know I’d lose you for the second time around, and God gave me this opportunity even it would hurt more because He knew how much I wanted this. He loves me so much to see myself get hurt again. But the ball is in your hands now. I can finally say, I’m done.”

Never a Plan B


Top from Mango, skirt from Bangkok, shoes from Shoe Box.


I’ve been reading articles lately, Thought Catalog to name it. It has becoming a habit, so let me share some I’ve learned and were glued in my head.

"Don’t make someone a priority when you’re only an option"

Sometimes, you need to draw the line from determination from desperation. To be honest, I’ve gone way beyond the border line, but then I remember, if someone truly loves me and sees my efforts, then I wouldn’t be fighting for a spot in his life. He’d put me in there. No hesitations. No questions asked.

Remember, you don’t need someone to make you feel loved. You need to just love yourself to make you feel whole, and when you come to a point that you’re full of so much love for yourself, that’s the only time when you can share this “excess” love for others. :)

DSC_2418 DSC_2422 DSC_2406