(That’s my “I just graduated, woohoo!” face :P)

Hi, guys! Thanks to everyone who took a minute to greet me on Facebook, through text, Twitter and Tumblr! :) It was one of the sweetest things ever! <3

Anyway, so I spent two nights at Sofitel during my graduation weekend, so it would be easier for me and my family to doll up and get ready for my graduation. It was surreal. I can pretty much see how excited and proud my parents were. I was also given a bouquet of flowers that morning from my mother.



Jacket from Forever 21, and flats from CMG


DSC_1704 DSC_1726

I pretty much gained 100 pounds after all the good food in Spiral. I haven’t had buffet for so long maybe that’s why I had five-seven rounds for lunch and breakfast! :O Hahaha. 

DSC_1685 DSC_1676

Anyway, I will be at the TRENDSETTER’S BAZAAR happening at Metrotent, Metrowalk Ortigas this coming March 7-9, 2014! I will be sharing booths with Erika and Dianne featuring Sueno Manila, Eika PH, and STYL.D :) See you all there!

Forever Green



Is this the first time you’ll be seeing my hair in this awkward length? Maybe, maybe not? I may have posted a few photos of this in my older photos on Instagram and I know most of you wanted to ask me why I cut it this short. Some hated my short hair, actually. I’ve had friends who would say “longer hair is better on you!” or “noooo I’ve always loved your long hair!” To tell you honestly, I miss having it. I miss tying it up, putting it in a bun, whipping it back and forth? Hahaha. But I’ve accepted it. I’ve had my hair long for years now, and maybe cutting it by accident was not a bad idea at all. :)

I found myself sitting on a chair in Tony and Jackey last November. Being the fickle minded that I was, I wanted change badly. I dyed it jet black the first day I arrived in the Philippines from the US. It was merely because I felt dark(er) with my hair blonde/golden brown. We all know girls depend their moods on their hair. When you know someone’s about to get a hair cut as drastic as I did, you know they’re getting through something. Maybe I’d like to say, I’m one of them. I didn’t think about it on purpose though, and all I actually wanted was a digital perm because I had them last 2011. I had sleek and sexy curls that everyone envied (not even kidding). But what happened this time? Digital perm gone bad! Haha.

So to cut it off short (literally), my hair became super dry and frizzy. All along I thought my hair was immortal, but turns out it has a life too. I had to result it in cutting it short. I changed multiple looks in just months. But it’s hair anyway, and mine has just super powers it could grow an inch every month. But it didn’t turn out bad, did it? :) I’m actually loving it and not to mention, I had to cut it an inch shorter because I wanted my short hair look for my graduation.

After debuting my short hair on Instagram last December, it surprised me how many of my friends actually liked it! There was even one person who cut their hair short because I inspired her to and my hair was her peg. Lol. What a surprise! Anyway, what I like the most is I can *always* go back to long hair without even waiting for it to grow. Big thanks to hair extensions. I can change my look from dull to dazzling. I don’t even have to use any heat to style my hair that could damage it more. Thanks to my baby, STYL.D Hair Extensions :) You guys should check it out!


Anyway, enough of my hair! Haha! Last Saturday was my graduation day. I can’t believe I’m now an alumna of DLS-CSB. It’s such an honor to still graduate in a La Salle school and pursue a dream course. People might think BS HRIM major in Travel and Tourism Management is an easy peasy course, but it’s not. Contrary to popular belief, CSB is known as an art school and DLSU-M has business courses. One cannot drop and say that CSB is the school of those who didn’t pass DLSU-M. DLSU does not have the courses of CSB offers. 

On a side note, I’ll always be proud to have the privilege to have graduated in one of the bestest schools in the Philippines, and actually the top school to have the highest ranking in employability rate. Thank you, CSB, for the experience, for serving as my window and eye opener to so many things. Thank you because you have taught me so much life lessons that cannot be found in books. I am thankful for having such generous and supportive parents. They never tried to cut off my wings to explore things on my own. They never tried to hold me down when it was risky out there. They never stopped believing in me when I did myself. Thank you. I have said this once and I’ll say it again: I may be scared, nervous, happy, depressed, and excited all at the same time. I’m not sure what’s out there. I’m not sure how cruel life could be outside school. I’m not sure what God’s plans are for me. But I know one thing: faith isn’t going to fail me. 

Have a great evening, everyone :)

Animo La Salle!


Boracay, Philippines (February 2014)

I have to cut off all travel posts in the US for now and focus first on this particular beauty proudly owned by the Philippines. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard, read and even seen this beautiful island of Boracay even just once in your life! :)

DSC_1411 DSC_1413 DSC_1393 DSC_1348 This is actually my fourth or fifth time in Boracay and trust me, my heart always skips a beat whenever I find myself packing for this trip, and it gets me. Every. Single. Time.

DSC_1399 DSC_1318 DSC_1400

Boracay is just an hour plane ride away from Manila. But if you consider the boat + tricycle rides, it would take at least two hours for you to get to the hotel. I love staying in Station 1 where it’s more quiet and not crowded. Plus the beach is cleaner and has more fine white sand, but of course, it comes with a price. Hotels in Station 1 are way more expensive than the ones in Station 2. Station 2 has all the bars, clubs, restaurants, cheaper hotels and all the henna tattoo stands, spas, and shopping areas. It’s also crowded since it gets packed especially at night when everyone hits the clubs to enjoy the night. Station 3 is kinda similar to Station 2, they have cheaper hotels than in Station 2 and a few restaurants and bars as well. I’ve tried almost all the water sports in Boracay during my first few visits. They have banana boats, parasailing, flying fish, helmet diving, cliff diving, zipline, ATV, jetskis, skim boarding, surfing lessons in Crowne Regency Hotel, and so much more. A lot of locals sell these water sports activities. But of course for someone like me who has been there so many times, my way of going to the beach is just for relaxation and pigging out. Haha!

It’s such a great way to start February by going back to Boracay. Especially for me who lived by the beach for six months in Florida, I missed it terribly. Beach will always be home, and I left my heart in Florida together with all the people I miss the most. So an unexpected, last minute trip to Boracay was all I ever needed at that moment.



Shorts from ROMWE, flats from Grendha

My friends (and so-called friends, lol) oftentimes tease me as a fashion blogger. I am not ashamed of it, I am actually proud of it because this has given me big and countless opportunities that not everyone is blessed with. I’ve made some big collaborations with some of the biggest brands, both international and local. Though of course, I hardly share personal things like this to strangers even with friends because it’s not something that should be bragged about (because it would look that way). Some people don’t even know I have a blog. But when asked (or caught), I never deny facts. I may not always act my part- I go to the mall with zero makeup, even with no lipstick on, with only shorts and a tank top and my hair pulled back in a bun. But that doesn’t make me any less of a person, does it?

It just saddens me that some people try to bring others down when they cant even pull themselves up. 


Waking Up to the Sunset


Maxi skirt from Summer Iced, sandals from Grendha, and sunglasses from Sueno Manila

Boracay has always been home. I love how it’s just a one hour plain ride from Manila, and nothing beats the services offered by hotels in the area. :) Everyone is approachable, hospitable and very cheerful. That’s what I love about the Philippines. :)

Anyway, in a few days from now, I’ll be walking up that stage in PICC and will be getting my diploma. Time flies so fast! :( I remember being so nervous about what university I should enroll in, and how my first few days in college would be like, and now, I’ll be entering the real world. I wish I still had an escape though. I wish I still had an excuse to get “student discounts” in restaurants and retail stores, but no, some things just don’t last forever. 

Anyhow, it’s time. Time to move forward and get excited, not nervous, to conquer the world and fulfill my dreams. I hope you’re with me this time! :)