I Believe in Pink


Top and skirt from Thailand, necklace from DCG Fashion, and flats from Shoebox.


Whenever I have to pick a color for something, I always get it in pink. My power bank is pink, my phone case, bed sheet and pillow cases, even my prom dress was pink, my Ice Breakers Sours candy pack, my makeup kit, and even my post-its were in pink. I breathe and eat pink.

But then, I rarely wear the color pink. I wear neutrals most of the time, but pink is still my favorite color. Most girls look up to Barbie, not gonna lie though, because at one point in my life, I did too! But as I grew older, I get to love Audrey Hepburn’s style, and since that day on, I would always ask myself if she would buy and wear something I like. She has always been so classy and sophisticated, and it’s something I’ve always loved in her. Thank you, Audrey Hepburn, for being such an inspiration! 




I don’t wear much accessories and heels. I’ve always believed in simplicity. “Less is more” is my fashion mantra. So, I only wore this lovely necklace from DCG Fashion, to make my look extra elegant. :)



Wink Laser and Wax Studio Opens at Alabang Town Center
Spice It Up
Oreo Cheesecake Cookies from Eenie Minni Cupcakes
Polished in Red

Apologies for the late outfit post, it’s been ages, I know! Electricity was out for almost a week or so because of Typhoon Glenda that hit the Philippines. I couldn’t almost work since my work is very much dependent on the Internet, so I had to go to places to have my gadgets charged. :( This just reminded me to buy multiple power banks incase another typhoon shuts down all electric wires again. :( Anyhow, I hope everyone made it safe and dry through the typhoon! :)


Dress from Reeco, shoes and bag from SM Department Store, and belt from Bangkok

Anyhoo, I received this gorgeous shift dress in the mail a few weeks back from Reeco! I’ve always loved the color red (it was even the color of my gown during my debut). Aside from the fact that it makes any skin color stand out, I love how red looks classy without exerting effort. I could actually wear this without accessories and makeup and still look polished.  



So for this look, I tied my hair up, put on minimal accessories- necklace, pearl earrings (you can never go wrong with this— it’s a must have for every girl!), and belt with pearls. I also added my gold purse and glittered shoes for that instant glam effect. :) 

What I like about shift dresses is that you can always wear them with belt to make the skirt puffier that instantly gives you the curves that you’ve always wanted. It adds “contour” to your body, and it’s also an easy fix for dresses that are too loose on you. :)




You can also wear them to different occasions! To a dinner date, or a casual Sunday night out with family or friends, or to a wedding or any formal event. It all depends on how you’ll style it with. :)

Let me know how you’d style this dress! Any ideas? :)