A short but sweet vacation in Sydney last October 2016 after 12 years of waiting to go back. When I first went here when I was 13, I remember having the most amazing time! I get to climb the Harbour Bridge, visit the Opera House, get to watch my sisters skydive (I know what you’re thinking… why did I just watch them do skydiving? It was because I was a year early to be permitted to do it!), go to Featherdale Zoo to see some koalas and kangaroos, and they were adorably stinky! <3

This time, I was able to do more or less the same things I did the first time I visited. Toured the same old Blue Mountains and Scenic World, went to the city and stayed at Intercontinental Hotel, checked out Bondi Beach(!!!), and did skydiving finally! I also got to meet some of my friends who are now based in Sydney, and yahoo for making new friends as well! <3 Nothing beats catching up with good old friends.