1. You deserve unexpected phone calls and random texts. You deserve goodnight and good morning greetings.
  2. You deserve flowers- a hell lot of flowers on a random day and on a special occassion. You deserve  a well thought arrangement and customized ones.
  3. You deserve surprise visits that will take him 2 or 3 hour drive. You deserve to be visited despite the heavy traffic on a rainy Friday night.
  4. You deserve spontaneous forehead kisses and public hugs. You deserve to be exposed to public as a couple.
  5. You deserve a Starbucks drink, a mega size of Potato Corner or maybe an instant bowl of ramen just because he knows you’re craving.
  6. You deserve someone who opens up to you about his dreams, his past, and his embarrassing moments.
  7. You deserve to be respected. Someone who doesn’t call or text you at 2 in the morning just to hook up.
  8. You deserve to have an embarrassing dance number session or an off tune singing contest just for laughs.
  9. You deserve someone who posts photos about you. It may be once or twice a year, but you deserve to be known by his friends.
  10. You deserve someone who openly talks about you to strangers, just to share how much in love they are with you.
  11. You deserve someone who chooses you more than his friends and family.
  12. You deserve to be invited to his friend’s parties or family gatherings.