for less than a day!





We flew to El Nido early in the morning and headed straight to Lagen Island. The flight to El Nido was about an hr or less, and a boat ride for 50 minutes to get to the island. This trip was definitely memorable for a lot of things. One was because my workmate and friend visited me all the way from Northern Ireland (who flew more than a day to get to the Philippines!). We first met in Florida, USA when I had my internship and she was probably one of the reasons why I could never ever forget my experience in the US. When I thought I would never see her again, she suddenly messaged me and was planning her visit to the Philippines! What a surprise. Well for the other reasons, I’ll tell more about my next few posts. 🙂






When we got to Lagen Island, we were greeted with welcome drinks and singing servers. I can’t stress enough how welcoming Filipinos can get. There’s nothing like it. Unfortunately, the whole island didn’t have electricity so while they were waiting for the electricity to be fixed, we stayed in our water villa for a couple of hours, slept and changed clothes before we had lunch.




The view was spectacular. El Nido already exceeded my highest expectations! I prayed for good weather for our whole stay. I kept checking the weather app days before we flew to El Nido and it was always raining and stormy but the skies cleared up after 2 weeks of rain! You can definitely feel God was working His powers. El Nido has the clearest water I have seen. You can literally spot corals meters and meters away from you. The water has all the hues of green and blue and the best part is the temperature of the water is warm. No need for your body to adjust to the cold! You can pretty much do anything in the island, except for jetski, banana boat or maybe flying fish? El Nido doesn’t offer extreme water activities found in Boracay.





So while having lunch, an employee of Lagen told us they won’t be able to have electricity for the whole day that’s why they’re transferring us to Pangulasian Island (which is about P60,000 per night!). So imagine our excitement when we found out we’ll be transferring to Pangulasian, an exclusive resort, for our whole stay!! 🙂 I’ll blog about it next 🙂