It’s been a few weeks since I traveled to Batanes, and I must say that the place left me in awe and I still haven’t moved on from it. It was spectacular. I don’t want to sound biased, but if I had to pick which one’s the best between New Zealand and Batanes, I’d choose Batanes. It was so beautiful that I could go ranting on forever and ever and never justify it still.

If you found yourself traveling to Batanes in a few weeks or days (uh-oh!), here are some helpful tips that I learned during the trip. By the way, it is best to travel within the first quarter of the year so you could experience the cold breeze and they said that the grass is greener during January- April. 🙂

 1. Wear rubber shoes.


There would be a looooot of trekking in the whole island, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring flip flops! Also, there will be carabao poop and cow poop while you trek, so unless you want your feet covered with poop, I suggest you wear sneakers/rubber shoes.

 2. Wear a bonnet or tie your hair up!



The wind is blowing like crazy in Batanes, especially if you’re at the summit. For people who follow me on Snapchat knows how I looked like when I took my selfies. My hair was all over and I couldn’t take proper photos without looking like a lion. To style it even better, wear a thick headband/turban (H&M has cute ones!) or french braid your hair to keep it in place.

 3. Bring a wide angle lens.


Because you may want to take a photo of the whole view! Batanes is so photogenic, you’d want to take photos of it 360 degrees if possible.

 4. Bring colorful scarves or colorful clothes, rather!


Make sure to stand out amidst of the green and blue landscape! Photos are better when you wear colorful clothes. Dyeing your hair pastel or orange can be a thing too 😛

 5. There is no LTE or 4G in the island. 

Sometimes even Globe and Smart would act up in some places. Start getting used to 3 or 4 days without a stable internet connection. My Snapchat did not even load in my whole trip, so there were no snaps that were published 🙁

6. Bring an umbrella and waterproof backpacks/bags. 

You may experience rain, and sometimes it gets a little cold at night so don’t forget to bring an umbrella and a jacket. Make sure your bags are waterproof as well so your gadgets and other necessities are safe!


(In this case, my sister got soaking wet by the mother of all splashes. Lol.)

 7. Bring extra clothes. 

There may be a chance that the only flight going back to Manila will be cancelled due to the bad weather, so always bring extra clothes incase the flight gets cancelled. This is a normal case in Batanes, so it’s better to be ready!

I will blog about my Batanes trip in other blog post! I have like 1000000 photos to edit and post and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 🙂