I don’t know if most of you know, but I have never really traveled to anywhere below 0 degrees except last January when I went to Korea during winter. I tell you, I was rejoicing whenever I’d check the temp and see 0 degrees because that’s considered warm already. Yes, warm… at 0 degrees! Usually, it was about -2 to and would drop to -8 degrees Celsius. Crazy, right?

If you’re wondering what a person brings when traveling to cold countries and where to get them, I’ve listed them here! 🙂

1. Sunblock

Whether you’re not traveling out of the country or not, ALWAYS make sure to slap on sunblock. No to skin damage!

2. Fur coats, wool sweaters, and bubble jackets 

Fur coats are my best friend. I got one in Terranova before, and it was marked down from P4,000 ($80) to P1,500 ($30) and it was probably the best buy ever. They were thick and warm and stylish too. You can find coats in Bershka, Mango Uniqlo, and Zara. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to check out Cartimar! Uniqlo has bubble jackets that come in a bag, so they’re easy to store and pack as well. Plus points because they’re waterproof too! 🙂

The best time to buy winter wear is after the winter season where most of the stores are on sale! 🙂


3. Boots

Snow boots or knee high leather boots are your best bet! You can find them in Metro Department Stores or in Zalora.

4. Heat tech from Uniqlo

These are the best! They’re light, easy to pack and warm! Make sure to get the extra warm top and leggings in black and nude. What I like about the nude color is that you can layer it under a dress or a blouse and it won’t look as if you have too much layers on 🙂


5. Lip balm and body lotion

Your skin will dry easily when in the cold, so as your lips! Make sure to keep them hydrated and moisturized if you don’t want chappy lips.


6. Bonnets, ear muffs and scarves

Trust me, they make a difference! You can check out Marks and Spencer if you want to get these. You may want to get bright colors for scarves and basic tones too so you can repeat your jackets/coats and not make it obvious by wearing a different scarf and bonnet per day. I’m all about cheating fashion and comfort. Haha!

Lastly, don’t forget to drink lots of fluids before your trip and make sure to bring vitamin c! 🙂 You need this to avoid catching a cold.